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Welcome to Variable Speed Generator Corporation.

The VSI Generator offers an immediate solution to the world’s energy crisis with its unique ability to produce clean, green and efficient electrical power from existing sources of energy and from sources that otherwise could not be utilized. The VSI Generator is a patented and certified technology for the production electric power.

VSI GeneratorAlternate energy sources such as, wind, hydroelectric and methane applications fluctuate in horsepower and speed. These energy sources require the nuisance of accurate speed control when utilized with standard generators. The VSI Generator will operate at a wide rpm range, without speed controls and continue to generate electric power at the desired frequency and voltage of the system.

Engineers have been subjected to utilizing AC generators that have to keep their rpm within a quarter of 1 percent or better (the synchronous machine) or the type that has to be carefully monitored so that it does not reject its load with an increase of a few rpm (the induction generator).

The first type requires the nuisance of accurate speed control; the second type will destroy its prime mover if the maximum speed is not limited. The VSI Generator has neither of the above shortcomings. It answers the dreams of engineers that have been struggling with these problems for more than a century.

The VSI Generator will operate at a wide range of speed, will not discard its load and still continue to generate power of the same frequency and voltage as the utility line that it is in parallel with. The VSI Generator will be employed where it displaces synchronous or induction generators and where it will harness power sources that otherwise would not be used.


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